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Our Machinery - Accurate CNC Machinery

At Continental Stone, we deliver perfection each and every time. Our high-end CNC machinery ensures that any shape or design is a possibility, no matter how detailed or intricate. This means that the client can be as creative as you wish. Our high-tech machinery allows us to offer finishes that you simply cannot get by hand.

Our CNC machinery means that we can work at high volume and guarantee accuracy and professionalism. Our showroom in Birr incorporates our workshop, where we have some of the best in the industry producing quality worktops, fireplaces and more.

Breton Saw – Easy Cut Fe600

Our Breton Saw – Easy Cut Fe600 is one of the most advanced machines in the industry, tackling marble, quartz, granite, etc. with ease.

Comandulli – Line polisher

Our Comandulli machine allows us to achieve a high end polished and even finish. This machine works with all types of stone, offering a smooth and shiny finish that you simply cannot get manually.

The Master Series

The Master Series is our machine of choice when it comes to processing stone such as granite, quartz and marble.

Ecological System, Turrini Claudio S.R.L.

This system cleans and recycles water so that we can continue to work efficiently and at high volume.

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